Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday 17th

My brother today texted me from Madison letting me know about the protesting going on there.

Here is what he told me is what he is seeing and hearing in the state:
"the budget bill cuts public workers benefits and ignores unions. The Dem senators left so that there was no quorum and they can't vote. Like up to 100,000 people were at the capital at a given time during the past three days. The past two days and probably tomorrow 20-some public schools closed for teacher absences. While I was there people were trying to sit down to prevent the Rep senators from leaving. I heard rumors that the police were going to clear out the capital."

He also gave me a blog to look at for information:
One part focused on the falsehoods being spread in the media (didn't find those sources) about Madison University and the part was places for citizens to post. There were a few really interesting post where you could see citizen journalist had talked to different people unlike the mainstream media.

I looked at CNN:
They seemed much more focused on the national politics of it. They ignored the people on the ground and focused about what the governor was saying and how necessary it was especially in the current climate and that Wisconsin wasn't the only state thinking about these kind of cuts.

I also found two blogs that are focused on local issues:

Overall it seems like the facts of the story are the same between indy and mainstream but what is varying is the way in which it is approached. When I asked my brother what the feel was in madison that people were either very involved and thought the governor was out of line or that people were not concerned.

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