Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday February 20th

I read the article about traditional journalists and onsite eyewitness new media. I agree with Arianna in that part of the issue with todays traditional journalist is the lack of emotion "leaving a chunk of yourself" in each story, I would attribute that to objectivity. We read Orwell recently in a class and while there are ethical issues with his piece the honesty in his writing allows the reader to acknowledge that we are looking at the issues through the writer's eyes and it induces a critical eye. With both traditional and new media the amount of information that is available to you is unable to sift through and, lets face it, it all contradicts each other. Readers have to make judgments about what they read, transparency gives them at least a context for the lens they are viewing an event through.

There is the part of me though that is frustrated that Arianna wrote this article in which she is clearly unhappy with the mainstream media which she has always been critical, and yet the news of the AOL I think devalues a lot of her ability to do exactly what she is preaching. I hope she takes her own advice and continues to support the thousands of blogger and tweets. What I think would be really interesting is if she posted on her blog about AOL and the ways in which they interact with her and the huffington post. I don't know if that is possible with nondisclosure contracts but I think that would be really interesting as far as creating a new hybrid of media.

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