Saturday, March 12, 2011


As I was sitting on the plane reading my Cosmo I came across an article about work advice from none other then Arianna Huffington. I was quite surprised to find that she contributed to Cosmopolitan Magazine. The article was all about advice about jobs, she was this months featured career genius. Her answer about how to keep your job during downsizing or wether to move companies were pretty much what I would expect them to be. What interested me is why she agreed to appearing in this particular magazine. Cosmo is a guilty pleasure of mine and I find it interesting how they hype-sexualize women. In some ways it is empowering but sometimes the way in which they tell women to attract male attention is very submissive and sometimes derogatory, although for the most part they do a good job. This I would think is a very opposite message then Arianna would want to send. I did some research online about Arianna and Cosmos interactions and the only thing I found was a Huff Post article about how Cosmo had taken sexual words out of a cover because advertisers were unhappy with the word Orgasm. Also interestingly enough the most glamorized picture of Arianna I have ever seen was with this article. All of this surprised me because I never thought that a media savvy person like Arianna would be a fan of Cosmo, let alone a contributor.

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