Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday- IndyMedia

I feel like we see a lot of Leftists or Rightist or special topic independent media outlets. They have specific aims and I agree with the are very editorial. Even outlets like Huff Post which are focused on providing a NYT style independent source have a very strong editorial voice. Indy Media seems to be different in that is a collective reference site. What confused me a little was how their editorial process works. Do they have fact checkers of contributing stories? They seem open to any submission not just journalist and while a platform that allows any one to provide coverage how do they categorize it. I looked at their website but had trouble figuring out exactly how this process worked. I liked that the article said that like any publication you need to look at the site with a critical eye, this is a good sign for the honesty of a site when they admit that like mainstream media they can also get things wrong.

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